Muriqui treats Aguirre like a father figure to the player.

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Mallorca striker Vedat Muriqui has returned to play with confidence. Scoring goals in his last four games at the urging of football trainer Aviar Aguirre.

Vedat Muriqui, Mallorca’s striker for the Kosovo national team, praises Mexican trainer Javier Aguirre as a father figure to his players. Because he always cares and helps solve problems for his players. From what was revealed to ‘Ser Deportivos’ last Monday. 

Muriqui was a key figure for Mallorca last season after his 15 goals. UFABET And three assists led the Islanders to a top-half finish in La Liga for the first time in nearly a decade. But from the poor start to this season in the first 4 games without winning anyone. While Muriqi was unable to score a goal and also missed 2 penalties.

‘Aguirre is like a father figure in the dressing room. He’s a nice one-on-one guy and he’s always clear. If you don’t understand him The problem is with you,’ Muriqi said.

‘When you have a problem like I did missing two penalties. I remember at the end of practice after the match, Aguirre went up to the equipment man and asked him to give him two balls, and I thought, ‘Now Aguirre is going to teach me. How to take a penalty shootout or something.’

‘And nothing happened. He said to me, ‘Sit down.’ We sat down at the ball and started talking about everything: family, politics, Spain, Kosovo, Mexico, miscellaneous things. We stayed like this for about 25 minutes and finally he told me that he trusted me until the end. No matter what happens’

From such talks, it helped to restore Muriqi’s confidence and the Kosovo striker returned to score 4 goals in the last 4 games, but the Islanders only won one game.