Martinez smoothly transitions into rehabilitation.

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Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez undergoes surgery successfully. Before entering the next phase of physical recovery

Martinez unfortunately suffered a broken metatarsal in his foot which required surgery for treatment. He was forced to play in the game against Arsenal at the beginning of September UFABET

Argentinian journalist Gaston Edul reports that Lisha’s surgery went smoothly. And now he will begin the process of rehabilitating his body in order to be fully fit and able to play on the field again.

Red Devils manager Eric ten Hag revealed that. The Argentine defender will have to rest for a while. But the exact time frame was not specified. Meanwhile, media in England expect it to last 2-3 months.

At the end of last season, the former Ajax player had previously been injured in this same spot. Before being injured again and taking another long break.

Martinez’s injury means the Red Devils’ defense will continue to face a constant injury crisis. With Luke Shaw, Tyrell Malasia, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Sergio Reguillon also has injury problems.

Along with it being reported that Previously, this defender Used painkillers to relieve injuries in games against Brighton and Bayern Munich. Recently, he has decided that Lisandro Martinez will undergo additional surgery. In case he recovers from his injury and returns to playing in the long term.