Grading Manchester City’s players in the Premier League game

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Grading Manchester City’s players in the Premier League game, home game, winning Manchester United 3-1 last night: Player Ratings.

  • Manchester City came back to beat Manchester United 3-1 thanks to Phil Foden’s double.
  • Erling Haaland made an unbelievable mistake in Manchester City’s players the first half before making amends with a shot to close the box in the second half.
  • The “Blues” collect 3 important points before visiting Liverpool next week.

Manchester City came back to beat Manchester United with a score of 3-1. Phil Foden was the hero. Who scored two goals alone. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The home team controlled the game for the majority of the first half. But Marcus Rashford scored a beautiful shot to give the “Red Devils” the lead.

However, the “Blues” pressed on one side and the Manchester City’s players effort bore fruit. When Foden tied up two and ended with Erling Haaland making amends to collect 3 important points before visiting Liverpool next week.

Manchester City player ratings

Ederson – 6/10

No right to protect Rashford’s beautiful goal and it was the only chance on target for the opponent. Other than that, I haven’t encountered any tests.

Kyle Walker – 7/10

His speed came in handy when dealing with the away team’s counter-attack, especially against Rashford, causing his compatriot’s forward line to struggle.

John Stones – 7/10

Almost another midfielder because the team had most of the ball. Still when in possession of the ball and coordinate smoothly with Rodri.

Ruben Dias – 7/10

Should have done better from the duel with Bruno until he allowed his compatriot midfielder to rest the ball before giving Rashford a goal, but the rest there was nothing wrong because the team had a lot of possession.

Nathan Ake – 7/10

Just like the rest of the back four because the team is in control of the ball. But he probably faced more tests than anyone else in the beginning, before gradually getting better and playing tighter in the second half.

Rodri – 8/10

Still maintaining its own standards Often inserted into the penalty area when the team needed a goal. and was the one who assisted for Foden to score the equalizer.

Bernardo Silva – 7/10

Uses its strengths to survive in tight spaces well. But the passes in the final area are still not very accurate.

Phil Foden – 9/10

Really outstanding, both creating opportunities for friends and finding opportunities to shoot himself. Should have scored a goal in the first half but was denied twice by Onana before scoring 2 goals in the second half to win Man of the Match.

Kevin De Bruyne – 6/10

It was a game in which he showed very poor form. Speed ​​up the tempo a bit at some moments. His passes failed to hit the target many times. But it’s still dangerous.

Jeremy Doku – 5/10

Had a lot of the ball in the first half, but it was disappointing that his final touch was not good enough to cause the team to miss a chance to score. No wonder he was substituted.

Erling Haaland – 7/10

Unbelievably, the shot went off target just before the end of the first half. It’s still good that he came to make an excuse and close the box before the end.