4 lessons Liverpool learned after Tuesday night’s home defeat to Real Madrid

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4 lessons Liverpool learned after Tuesday night’s home defeat to Real Madrid.

It can really call “Laugh later louder” for the pain at Anfield. In the UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg. After just 15 minutes of the game, Liverpool were already 2-0 up. Which was a moment of great joy for Kop fans. Managed to return two goals for the White King to return to equalize immediately. Before the end of the first 45 minutes and the second half was a real disaster. Madrid scored 2 more goals in the first 10 minutes. Before another 12 minutes later came to receive 5. Which is almost the end of the game, turn off the lights separately and go to sleep

Center overhaul

In this game we have seen how messed up Liverpool’s defensive game is, which is not the first game. Even when meeting a small team in the league. There is still some excitement. But this is Real Madrid, so the situation that comes out has to say. That many fans have already made up their minds. At the heart of Jurgen Klopp‘s system is the use of both backs to complement the attack. That means both centre-backs need to deal with situations. Where high-flying backs are out of position as normal. But this proved that even Virgil van Dijk was already Liverpool dead. Seeing a light game may be enough to rub, but if you want to be great on the continent. This is not enough for Joe Gomez, not to mention going to the sea to fish for a long time. Unable to cope Always make the wrong decisions at important moments. Including many personal mistakes, like Joel Matip. Who was heavily criticize this year. Especially when paire with Gomez, every time entertaining.

So the solution is to quickly look for the next “Van Dijk” this summer, Konate will have a future if he is not stationed in the hospital for a long time like this. However, this “center” is not in good condition. okay Urgently need to get rid of and rebuild

The midfield is no less.

It can be said that it has become Liverpool’s weakness for the midfield panel. That lacks dimensions in the game. It is understandable that Klopp’s system focuses on playing along the line. But if they have a center that can make a difference, it would definitely be better, which at this time is not, in addition to helping the team, sometimes it is also a burden to lose the ball in the middle until it contributes to the two centers that are already leaking. Having to face more hard work, Hendo Fabinho Milner is clearly out of peak age for a while. Can do a lot, keep supporting the game, Thiago Alcantara, who seems to be the most expected, gets hurt too often and it takes time to return to good form. In the end, Thep stayed for two shots, hurt again. As for the youngsters, not to mention Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott or even Stefan Bajcetic, they are still not classed at European level, although Klopp himself tries to full pressure, but last night’s game showed that it was still “Bones are not strong enough”

There are no game changers.

Before the game, Jurgen Klopp tried to put the best team on the field. But when the team needed a change and looked to the bench, hardly anyone expected him to come on and make the difference. Meet Bobby Firmino and pass the peak. Other stars like Oxlade Chamberlain, Naby Keita, Harvey Elliott or Curtis Jones weren’t always A-rated players based on their form. the past Because if it’s really good, it’s probably squeezed into the real thing already.

Try to push Trent up high and find a new right-back?

It’s another way of playing that some Liverpool fans think might work by pushing Trent Alexander-Arnold into midfield. Whether it’s a playmaker or a hole-ball player, at least he can leverage the advantages of playing an offensive game, delivering more accurate passes. Including able to cover weaknesses in the defensive game, we have seen that if you find a little bit of a flank. It will definitely hit. But being station in the middle of the field, the person no longer has responsible for the life. And death of the home game, just helping the screen, chasing the ball, cutting the game is enough. Some fans even said that if Trent were to become a playmaker, it would be Kevin De Bruyne. As for right-backs,

finding a new one might not have to be as aggressive as TAA, but the defensive game as a job Can you open the ball? Can you fill in the game? Keeping a good position, someone who will be available in an interesting market, such as Bayern Munich’s Benjamin Liverpool Parvard or Villarreal’s Juan Foyth? something like this