Baccarat Formula Invest to win 2 times in a row

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Baccarat Formula Invest to win 2 times in a row

This recipe is not easy to make. But it reduces the chance of losing lot. Let us place the capital to win 2 times in a row. According to this pattern at UFABET. place the capital at 50 baht.

If winning in this eye, place the money at 100 baht. If winning this eye Then return to place the capital at 50 baht as before, which means that in these 2 eyes, we will receive a prize of 150 baht. In summary, when we lose, we only lose 50 baht per time. 

But if we get in a row 2 times, when we will get a profit of 150 baht immediately. In 5 investment games, if you lose 3 games and win only 2 games, you still break. Moving money like this will reduce the chance of losing a lot. This recipe is very easy to make. Not using a lot of funds as well, suitable for new players of baccarat.

Online casino double investment formula

Online Casino Double Investment Formula The process of playing, for example, starts from 100 if this pill happens to invest in funds. Double up to 200 tablets, this adds more investment. The next pill is invest 400 more. The result time lost. It will only lose 100, but the time can be It will be equal to that we have doubled. Most of the time, a real master won’t double only 3-4 eyes, but he will double around 10 eyes, so he will stop the double. Then come back and start counting 1 again.

dragon card formula

This formula is call Dragon cards. Let us wait for the same cards to issue. For example, Banker is issued 3 times in a row or more. Then we place an investment at Banker. Because it is very likely to be repeated until the statistical table is consecutive. long like a dragon’s tail. That’s where the name of this formula came from.