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Osteoporosis, a serious threat to women

Osteoporosis, if not careful, can lead to death Osteoporosis is a disease that can occur in both men. and women, it’s true But when compared, it happened to women much higher than men. especially when entering the golden age Women will lose bones much faster than men. The important

benefits of coconut water which is good for more than just freshness

Who knew What are the benefits of coconut water besides just quenching thirst in the summer? In hot weather like this, it would be good if we could get a cool coconut water. but not hot weather Coconut water is still everyone’s favorite fruit anyway. with a sweet taste drink

Allergic to sweat, rashes, symptoms that hot people need to be careful

Has anyone ever lost their own sweat? In hot weather like this, anyone who sweat easily You must have experienced itching, rashes, for sure, some people who are heavy may even be allergic to sweats themselves. Most of the “sweat allergies” are caused by our skin reacting to

menopause It’s all gone, it shouldn’t be new.

menopause with menstrual irregularities menopause Yes, there will be no problems with menstrual irregularities. by Dr. Chanwalee Srisukho, obstetrician and columnist for ยููฟ่าเบท, details that Use the word menopause, that is, in people aged 48 years and over, an average of 51 years, menstruation does not come