menopause It’s all gone, it shouldn’t be new.

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menopause with menstrual irregularities

menopause Yes, there will be no problems with menstrual irregularities. by Dr. Chanwalee Srisukho, obstetrician and columnist for ยููฟ่าเบท, details that

Use the word menopause, that is, in people aged 48 years and over, an average of 51 years, menstruation does not come continuously. Not contraceptive, but in the case of menopause and the bleeding comes back This condition is not normal. And don’t think that menstruation comes back to make a new woman. is wrong

“This symptom can occur for many reasons, such as inflammation from an infection or a benign tumor. But the most dangerous is cancer since cervical cancer. endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer especially endometrial cancer In which women who have bleeding after one year of menopause have a chance of occurring as high as 10 percent, so if you have symptoms under this item, you should see a doctor.

take care of nature Adjust your mind for menopause

In addition to menstruation again after disappearing for a year that women should see a doctor immediately. Dr. Chanyavalee also gave an idea of ​​how to leave the menstrual cycle happily.

“Some people fear the golden age. fear of menopause Afraid of wilting or getting old, but people who go through menopause without any symptoms are people who are conscious, focused and positive. Women in menopause come with knowledge and abilities. experience that can be used or helped others These are the beautiful things that reside in menopausal women.”

Antioxidant therapy for menopause

Ajarn Satis recommends taking vitamins in the antioxidant group, including

Vitamin A and vitamin E, 1 tablet each day, to create a better life landscape. And Vitamin A is abundant in dark green and yellow vegetables and fish, which can also help reduce anorexia. Vitamin E is abundant in whole grains. nuts antioxidant cure vaginal dryness

and should eat 2 types of vitamins

Vitamin C to strengthen collagen and elastin which helps slow down wrinkles and vitamin D, which is abundant in seaweed and fish. to aid in the absorption of calcium strengthens bones

get complete information like this From now on, menstrual problems will no longer become a regular or annual problem that women worry about. Let’s try to apply it. for good health every month