Allergic to sweat, rashes, symptoms that hot people need to be careful

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Has anyone ever lost their own sweat?

In hot weather like this, anyone who sweat easily You must have experienced itching, rashes, for sure, some people who are heavy may even be allergic to sweats themselves.

Most of the “sweat allergies” are caused by our skin reacting to sweats. until a rash occurs The appearance of the rash is similar to hives. which in our sweat contains water, minerals and certain substances or some type of drug that is excreted through sweat It is the source of causing allergies and itching. 

Allergic to sweat can be divided into 2 types.

– Urticaria rash : Occurs from the stimulation of sweats. Most often it occurs after we have done a lot of sweaty activities such as exercising. in a place where the air does not ventilate It will start as a red convex point. and expand into a convex bulge looks like hives but can heal by itself It doesn’t take more than 1 hour, but there are some who take longer. but not more than 24 hours

which some people have other symptoms as well, such as swollen lips, swollen eyes, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, not very good Go see a doctor urgently. because it can be serious and even fatal

– Have a history of skin allergies: will recur in the same place. When sweating, this is normal. The rash will appear at the crook or neck in a rash manner. It doesn’t take long and then the rash will disappear. when sweating again The same symptoms will repeat as before.

Sweat allergy can happen to anyone. But people who have a history of skin allergies Must be careful in this section more than others. And try to avoid places that are hot. Wear well-ventilated clothing. 

When itching begins or feel that the sweats begins to increase abnormally Hurry up to see a doctor to take medicine and apply medicine. Reduce rashes and itching

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